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Ride 40 Anniversary Cycle ride Fointainebleau to Richmond

Ride 40 Anniversary Cycle ride Fointainebleau to Richmond

It begins on Wednesday 13 September when riders and their bikers will be transported to Fontainebleau, and returns on Sunday 17 September with a welcome home event including the Mayor’s medal presentation, and a celebration of art and music in the Borough.
Cllr Jean Loveland, Richmond Council’s cycling champion, is taking part in the event.

She said: “This is a great opportunity to raise money, be healthy and enjoy the beauty of France and the UK. With its cycle-friendly park, scenic routes running alongside the river and ever improving leisure and commuter cycling experience, it is fitting that we should be celebrating our 40th Twinning Anniversary with a truly unique cycle ride while supporting one of our local charities.”

For full details visit ride40anniversary web site 40 Anniversary Fontainebleau to Richmond or email Eddie Ottmann at StreetInvest :

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