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Twick Fest 2017 9 June till 25 June

Twick Fest 2017 9 June till 25 June

Would you like to take part in Twickfest 2017? We are still in the planning phase. Here is how you can get involved. Deadline is 20 March.

Email or call 020 8744 0474 if…

You would be interested in being a SPONSOR of the Festival.
£250 to be included on the welcome page of the Free and essential festival guide with your logo under the sponsors.

£800 to be included on the welcome page of the Twickenham Festival Guide, all publicity material and also on the Twick Fest banner which will be across Church Street for 4 weeks from 26 May until 25 June.

You have AN EVENT that you would like to include in the events calendar both online and in the actual Twick Fest Guide. It is free to submit an event. It needs to be a Summer Twickenham “Festival” event that falls between the 9th and the 25th of June.

You would like A STALL at the Craft market in Church Street on the 10th of June,for “Church Street Goes Green” or for a new event called “Church Street’s Big Picnic” The craft market is self-explanatory but the Go Green event is when we “grass” the street and ideally we like the stalls to have a horticultural, “green” holistic, eco-friendly theme, and if you have that kind of business you will have preference but we will also accept other stalls.(we only have room for approximately 30 stalls in the street) For Church Street’s Big Picnic we are inviting the community to bring their own picnics to the street as again we are going to grass the street and have lots of adult and also child friendly entertainment. If you are local to Twickenham & work with Children’s entertainment, or arts and crafts and would be interested in showcasing your work at this free public event please get in touch!

You would like to take part in THE TUG OF WAR we are looking for teams of 8 people. It is free to enter The Eel Pie & Cabbage Patch Challenge.

You a local business and you would like to ADVERTISE in the guide. We produce 30,000 Free Guides to be distributed to TW1 & TW2 postcodes and businesses.

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